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Our vision is simple – to inspire, challenge, illustrate, and awaken an understanding of God’s truth through the tool of moving pictures.


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Valentine’s Day Drive- A Silent Movie

This hilarious silent film is a great way to lead into the topic of love this Valentine’s Day – of what it is – and what it is not. In this short, Ethel Berry likes her men like she likes her coffee and chocolate… rich. Can Harry Oaks win her love this Valentine’s Day?

God Says ‘Be Mine’

A powerful Valentine’s Day video that reminds us how God calls us to “be his.” No matter where we’ve been or what we’ve done, God’s love is greater. Whatever it is, HE WILL TAKE IT and create marvelous wonders within us!

Valentine’s Day – The Gift

A mother helps her son create a cool Valentine’s Day gift, displaying great love for him in the process. She is surprised when her example rises up within her son and he displays this same tremendous love. This Valentine’s Day video is a powerful way to dialogue about love on every level, particularly God’s tremendous gift of love to us.