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Our vision is simple – to inspire, challenge, illustrate, and awaken an understanding of God’s truth through the tool of moving pictures.

Simple Complexity of Easter

Forgiveness abounds in this power-packed video. It explores the idea that every sin, every hurt, and every wrong were all spilled out in drops of blood at the garden of Gethsemane, crushed by the heavy, splintered wood on the road to calvary, and nailed to the cross on that hill called Golgotha. Show the simple complexity of the Easter Resurrection this coming Holy Week! . Thank God for Easter!

Celebrate Easter

The celebration of Easter is a sacred thing. But sometimes life’s worries get in the way. This video encourages us to focus on Jesus as our redeemer as a launch point to worship our Risen Savior.

Post Easter Hangover

It’s the week after Easter. And some experience a religious hangover. But, what came alive through the events of Easter remain alive, present and available everyday, every hour and every second. Easter keeps happening!

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